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Wellbeing solutions from Atrium Clinic & Therapy Centre

From the time Atrium was formed in 1999, it has grown and developed into a niche provider of therapy services. See below some of the projects we have been involved in:

  • Atrium provided NHS primary care counselling services, including individual and group treatments for the former South East Essex Primary Care Trust, where GPs directly referred to the service.
  • Specialist mental health provider of group educative and therapeutic sessions for the Essex NHS Condition Management Programme, a component element of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Pathways to Work ‘Choices’ package, supporting the health and wellbeing of working age people.
  • Providing primary care counselling and a daycare group programme at HMP/YOI Chelmsford to individuals with substance misuse issues through short-term, targeted, evidence-based interventions.
  • Following the success at HMP/YOI Chelmsford, Atrium has also been commissioned to provide therapy services at HMP Bullwood Hall, a prison catering for foreign nationals (over 90 different languages are spoken here).
  • Specialist psychotherapy within community care rehabilitation, working within domiciliary, care managed facility providers.
  • Partner provider for the Therapy for You service which is the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service lead by South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT)
  • Providing flexible, individual, short term targeted counselling interventions for employees of statutory services who have been assessed by their Occupational Health Team as requiring psychological therapy.

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Case Study

Atrium was approached by a member of the Human Resources team of a large local authority organisation to assist with a staff member who was experiencing distress that was affecting the individual’s workplace duties. Although the local authority staff members had access to an Occupational Health service, the counselling aspect was limited to telephone counselling and the employee’s GP felt that this wouldn’t be appropriate for the employee concerned and recommended Atrium.

Atrium agreed to offer brief intervention therapy of up to a maximum of six sessions, following assessment, on a flexible case-by-case basis, which meant that the local authority didn’t have to enter into a long contractual process.

Subsequently, the Occupational Health service was outsourced to a large independent organisation, who felt that the current arrangements in place made good financial sense and the arrangement was maintained. The key to the success of the partnership has been clear communication and co-operation, offering a quality service with built-in flexibility to meet the customer’s requirements.