Why work with us

Atrium Clinic & Therapy Centre - Why Work with Us

If you’ve never worked or been involved with us before, you’re probably wondering what Atrium has to offer over other organisations or individuals:

  • We focus upon long-term recovery and produce effective treatment outcomes in relation to sustained change and improvement, based on evidence based interventions i.e. the most effective, safe and cost effective approaches that have been validated by documented scientific evidence.
  • Atrium aims to provide the highest quality therapy services and is managed following the principles of quality record keeping, data protection and clinical governance that you would expect to find in a professionally managed health provider.  Our long track record of working in partnership with the NHS reflects this.
  • Atrium is a niche provider of psychological therapy solutions and as such does not have the onerous bureaucracy that larger or statutory organisations have to contend with; and as the process of change is ever present, we are more able to respond quickly to it and build in flexibility to our staffing structures and programmes.