*New Services- Coronavirus  challenge
Our practitioners work with you on the specific worries you have around this difficult time, support you to keep work and family life going whilst managing your worries. We are able to support NHS and other front line workers too and provide additional services to individuals and workplaces. Call us to discuss how we can help.

Atrium Clinic, understanding stress and strain in Coronavirus times


Family Coaching – for Parents facing challenges

Parenting is a difficult job. You might be experiencing issues such as illness in your child or special educational needs, additional needs or/and behavioural problems. You might be struggling with relationships with others around your parenting such as with an ex-partner or with your child’s school. You could be a step -parent or a guardian. Family conflict may be worrying you or perhaps you struggle to know whether you are doing a good job or if you are meeting your child’s needs. The parenting journey has extended into adulthood in new ways. You might be feeling worried about your relationships with your adult children, how much help to give them or how to negotiate new boundaries if they are living at home as adults or how to adapt to a changing role.

You might not want to open up to friends and family but appreciate some time with one of our coaches.

Family Coaching – for Caring

Often, we are called upon to support our own parents at a time in our lives when we are working hard or still caring for children. Sometimes we might be required to care for two parents or other relatives or be dealing with other bereavements or our own health and complex difficulties. It can feel overwhelming at a time when we are also transitioning physically, emotionally and thinking about our own identities and futures. We may be hands-on carers or coordinating a network of care including our own families, but the demands and constant adjustments can drain us.

Our family coaches can join you when your resilience is low, when you feel temporarily overwhelmed or are struggling to sort out your thinking to support you in your care role in this changing journey. We will also be there if you are struggling with bereavement. We will not judge you. Our virtual service means that you won’t have to leave home when you are exhausted and we will be there for the ‘one-off’ session and/or the cluster of sessions that you think you need to work to your goals. It is up to you.

How we work

At Atrium Clinic we apply psychological theories and concepts in our coaching work with you. The aim is to increase well-being in individuals, families, teams, leaders and organisations. We utilise evidence-based methods grounded in scientific research to optimise your capacity to apply yourself to roles that are important to you.
We recognise the contributions of humanistic psychology, positive psychology, learning theory and social psychology alongside psycho therapeutic understandings within a pragmatic approach.

Typically, the focus of our coaching is not clinical but strength -based, empowering and collaborative and aligned with the changes you want to make. Coaching sessions can be a one-off, part of a number of sessions, face to face or digitally delivered -supported by our Atrium Client Support Team to access the help you want when you require it. You can dip-in from time to time, by appointment when you want to. We will help you identify further resources of help going forward.

When we work with you, we will try to understand the main difficulties you face and focus with you on your priorities. We work with you to understand the wider context, relationships, role of culture, diversity, identity and life stories which inform how we think, feel and behave. Typically, we also support you with knowledge and skills building to improve your resilience and problem solving. We support you in understanding the intentions and viewpoint of others, appreciating the complexity of our interwoven family, work lives and networks and the inevitable ripples created at times of challenge. We support you in unpicking dilemmas you face and moving forward.

Our coaches typically have a therapeutic background plus particular accredited knowledge in their area of application