Family focused coaching and therapy services

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Family Coaching: For parents facing challenges

Parenting is a difficult job. We know wellbeing at home is key to supporting you and your family. You might be experiencing issues with your children’s wellbeing and behaviour and it easy to overlook your own needs during challenging times.

We offer  group sessions online and 1-1 remote consultations and support where ever you are. Research indicates the best early therapeutic support for children is through their parents. We can help you to support your child and signpost to extra help when required and we support you in taking care of you too because  you matter. Atrium offers specialist help to parents.

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Parents of adult children can face challenges too. You might be feeling worried about your relationships with your children and this could be impacting your wellbeing.

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Family Coaching – For carers

Often, you are called upon to support our your own parents at a time in your life when you are working hard or still caring for children. You can feel constantly exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed or struggling with grief. the  space to prioritise and address the difficulties with one of our practitioners, can be the change that marks an improvement in your wellbeing too.

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How we work

Our family coaches join you when your resilience is low, when you feel temporarily overwhelmed or are struggling to sort out your thinking. We will not judge you. Our virtual service means that you don’t have to leave home when you are exhausted.

Evidence-based practice

At Atrium Clinic , we apply psychological theories and concepts in our coaching work with you. We utilise evidence-based methods to optimise your capacity to tackle problem situations.

We integrate a range of psycho therapeutic understandings including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and employ pragmatic service delivery models to meet the needs of different situations.

Typically, the focus of our coaching is strength-based, empowering and collaborative, and aligned with the changes you want to make. Our Atrium Client Support Team is there to advise you on getting set up on-line and to help you get appointments that work for you. We will help you identify further resources of support going forward.

When we work with you, we will try to understand the main difficulties you face and focus with you on your priorities. Typically, we will also support you with knowledge and skills building to improve your resilience and problem solving. We help our clients to understand the intentions and viewpoints of others and to appreciate the interwoven nature of family, work and social lives. We support you to unpick the dilemmas you face and to tap into old and new skills to move forward.