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De-Stress with Summer Sporting Events

Do you need to de-stress this summer?

Do you need to de-stress this summer?

Stress is ever present in our lives and good weather and long summer evenings are a highly sought after commodity when we’re in deepest midwinter for some people and for those that are enjoying hot and balmy summer days and evenings, this change in the weather can be a positive distraction from our everyday stresses.

The increase in sunshine and temperature during the summer months also increases the various chemicals in the brain which are helpful in reducing increase stress levels including the functioning of melatonin. Some scientists have noticed over the last 10 years that concentrating on something positive, for example supporting your favourite football team and haven’t the lionesses in the England World Cup team excelled! We also have our favourites playing out on the Wimbledon tennis world stage, those racing at the British Silverstone Grand Prix and the endurance racers on the Tour de France; these and many other sporting highlights enables our excess adrenalin that has built up over the day and free-floating around our bodies to target an outlet and thus be used up in a positive way.

So chill out and be mindful of the words from one of Shakespeare’s sonnets:

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

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