Atrium Clinic & Therapy Centre providing services for NHS Commissioners

Do you want your commissioned services to be:

  • High performing?
  • Innovative?
  • Cost effective?

Are you looking for:

  • Productive and successful relationships between commissioner and supplier?
  • Measured outcomes with meaningful data?

Atrium Clinic has a proven track record of working with Commissioners, and more specifically those within the NHS, for the last 13 years. As on organisation we can provide the knowledge and experience required in delivering psychological solutions plus give you timely, regular and succinct feedback in order to both prevent problems from occurring, but also to ensure they are solved expediently when they do.

Additionally Atrium Clinic can:

  1. Manage complex services within challenging environments, i.e. the criminal justice sector
  2. Work collaboratively within a multi-agency setting to provide clinical interventions
  3. Provide specific evidence-based psychological programmes within the community

The Atrium brand is about providing high quality services that offer our customers flexibility Р this is more easily achieved as a smaller, niche provider.  Our aim is to work with you and create a range of programmes that are outcome focused, building in measurement tools that provide good outcomes for service users and Commissioners alike.

Why not look at our Why work with us page and for further information please Contact us.