Difference between coaching and therapy

Therapy has traditionally been connected with clinical populations but we all struggle with problems and our levels of distress may vary from time to time. Our qualified practitioners can focus on helping you sort out your difficulties and/or support you in managing your emotional life. We can move flexibly with you to address the issues of paramount importance seamlessly without the need to change your practitioner. Please visit the ‘coaching’ section for specific services we offer.

Therapy and Coaching Services

‘We can help you to see things a little more clearly. Sometimes we only need to see the first step before the next one is revealed.

  • You may already have experienced mental health issues and have been discharged from specialist services. We can help to address worries, low mood issues, traumas, work and family matters that impact your wellbeing. Perhaps you just want a time to pause and think together.
  • Atrium offers you a free screening discussion and conversation about our services. That includes an outline plan for further assessment, therapy or coaching. If we think your needs are best addressed elsewhere we will signpost you to the right help. We aim to offer timely and flexible services to meet your needs.
  • By accessing the services that Atrium provides, you can be assured of working with an organisation that has a proven track record in helping people to improve their wellbeing.
  • We have a team of experienced counsellors, coaches and psychologists. When you come to Atrium we can try to match you to the right helper . If the relationship is not working for you, we can support you into new relationships within the team or with others. All our staff are clinically supervised and we are expanding our digital therapy offer in 2020.

If you would like us to contact you, please return the enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch. Alternatively, you can call the office on 01702 332857

We understand that modern life is complicated with a variety of demands. Our therapists will not tell you what to do. Instead we will encourage you to explore your problems in order to find new ways of looking at them, which in turn enables you to take more control of your life and to be in a better position to make decisions from the choices available to you.

Private self-funded clients do not need a referral or letter. Initially please call or email the clinic to arrange your free screening consultation by phone. This typically takes about 20 minutes.If you begin therapy with us you will also be able to access online bookings if you prefer, by agreement with your therapist.

Sessions are payable upon booking or at reception on attendance. Assessments and therapy sessions are charged at £50.00 per hour. Each session lasts one hour.

We can see you in Westcliffe-on- Sea, Southend-on Sea, Central London, or by secure Video Link.