Mental health

Most people would agree that the workplace is more stressful and work-life balance is harder to achieve these days, with increased workload, financial concerns and workplace bullying as the top three causes of mental health issues in the workplace.

People can experience mental health problems as a result of personal experiences, and these can also “just happen”, however 54% of people reporting mental health conditions said that work played a part in this, and 7% said it was solely due to work.

Sometimes we do not realise we are declining, so have a look at the key indicators below to see if you can relate to this.  

As an employee, you may feel that you aren’t clear what your company provides, would like more assistance, or would benefit from one of our services. If you fill in the form at the bottom of the page, we will send a link to your HR team, or executives to let them know someone in the organisation feels they could get value from our services.

Our employee services

Services can be provided stand alone or in packages.Tailored content can be created in partnership with a client.


Individual assessments help show you your strengths identify any areas of concern, improve self-awareness as well as track progress over time.

The data from your assessment will customise the training and development modules which you receive. 


A mental health 101 course which will help you understand your own and others mental health, why it is important to talk about it at work, and what steps you can take. 

Delivered in person as a half day course, or online with modules which can be completed on demand. 

Training and development

Tailored to you, our courses build personal skills to improve your Capacity in everyday life. 

Courses are comprised of modules, delivered using innovative digital media, in person or online. These courses can be delivered as 6 weekly modules, or in a half day course.  


We provide direct video link, or in person therapy to help you when you feel you are struggling, or if your assessment identifies this could be of help to you. 

Our therapy team will be briefed on your business so we understand your context, Unlike counselling lines you will be provided a consistent therapist. 

We have locations in Central London, and Essex

HR Guidance

We provide guidance and consultancy on all stages of employment, from recruitment, to management, sickness and return to work, as well as termination of employment. We can ensure a company has the right things in place to prevent or manage a situation should issues arise.

If you feel this could be beneficial to your employer why not use the form below to send them a link? 

Additional Company services

In addition to these services we offer;

  • Company Assessment, 
  • Strategic Consultancy, 
  • Executive Education Course , with cultural, policy and management modules.
  • Management Specific Training and Development Courses. 

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