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The senior management team will influence how managers and employees throughout an organisation see their jobs and their priorities. How managers go about their role can have a direct impact on mental health and can be a great opportunity to pick up early signs and intervene, or can exacerbate and cause mental health issues. Organisations which create a supportive, open culture around mental health see a significant difference in their ability to thrive, and how employees feel.

Leaders are often under significant strain themselves, and having the tools to prevent and mitigate mental ill health for yourselves is critical. Atrium can develop your business  and your leaders to gain the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to deliver positive culture and increased capacity, in a way which affects all your employees.

Only 24% of managers have received some training on mental health at work according to Stevenson and Farmer, and personal development at the top will create positive change throughout the organisation.

As a leader Atrium will help you have with the knowledge and skills to communicate around mental health, without stigma, the tools and knowledge to support employees face a mental health challenge.

Our services

Services can be provided stand alone or in packages.Tailored content can be created in partnership with a client.


Company assessments look at culture, compliance, costs and identify areas of weakness within the business.

Individual assessments identify issues and create self-awareness and track progress. This data will drive tailored training and development content to be delivered. 


A mental health 101 course to raise awareness, change culture and remove stigma. This is a great way to build engagement, and improve knowledge.

Delivered in person as a half day course, or online with modules which can be completed on demand. 

Training and development

Tailored to an individual, our courses build personal skills to improve Capacity. 

Courses are comprised of modules, delivered using innovative digital media, in person or online. 

The course can be delivered as 6 weekly modules, or in a half day course.  


We provide direct video link, or in person therapy to help individuals who are facing a more acute challenge personally or professionally as a result of their role.

Our therapy team will be briefed on your business so we understand your context, Unlike counselling lines you will be provided a consistent therapist. 

We have locations in Central London, and Essex

Strategic Consultancy

Every company is different, and some steps may have already been taken in the right direction.

Atrium will work with you to make recommendations on a strategy which will create a positive culture, and drive happy employees and good business outcomes, in a way that is achievable and sustainable for the scale and type of company that you are.

HR Guidance

There are many legal requirements, guidelines and responsibilities that employers have. Being proactive and putting the right strategy in place is key. 

We provide guidance and consultancy on how to recruit, and manage talent including when issues do arise, as well as what policies and guidelines to follow as an employer.

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