Mental health and wellbeing services at work

There are good reasons why Atrium is the service of choice in your business to support the wellbeing of staff. We cater to meet the needs of your workforce across the mental health spectrum from prevention to management of mental health distress to parenting and improving coping skills for all.

If you have 50 employees, the chances are that 8 of them will be struggling emotionally and you are losing about £50,000 per year in turnover and lost working days. If you have a 100 employees, 17 colleagues are typically suffering with roughly 439 lost working days to your organisation. With a staff count of 200, not only are you losing over £200,000 per year by not addressing wellbeing but 156 of your other employees are still vulnerable to severe mental health in the future. We support you to prevent mental health distress with online bite-size learning group sessions as well as coaching and therapy sessions for those more impacted. We know knowledge and help sooner, reduces distress later. We can work alongside your organisation to start the conversation on mental health and wellbeing so your staff  are more likely to access help.

Our conversations go beyond mental illness to focus on the elements of your life that create ‘feeling good’ about yourself- self-esteem and confidence, happiness, sleep, exercise, health and calm, feeling connected with others. We can guide you in your  learning about wellbeing sooner to prevent more help later.

Group sessions online can change how employees see themselves, how they feel about their work, each other and what they can achieve. 

We recognise if people are struggling, it is never anyone’s fault, rarely simple and impacts not only on the sufferer  but their family and team. It can happen to any of us.

We offer  preventative group bite size online development (by topic), problem and goal based group intervention, counselling services online to your staff in groups and individually depending on their need.

A times of business uncertainty, staff are less likely to discuss their wellbeing issues with their managers but they are more likely to address concerns with their Atrium practitioner in confidence and make the changes they need to make. 

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“Simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace, including prevention and early identification of problems, should enable employers to save at least £8 billion a year.”
Centre for Mental health

“Mental Health should now be a priority for organisations across the UK”

Stevenson Farmer Review
“Family and personal problems walk into work and the work ones go home. Work suffers but people suffer more.”
Workplace Leader

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