Our organisations should support our  wellbeing by providing working contexts that are fit for people as well as purpose. However, we have responsibility to  take opportunities and steps to look after our own wellbeing. Most people would agree that the workplace is more stressful and work-life balance is harder to achieve these days, with increased workload, financial concerns and workplace bullying as the top three causes of  poor mental health issues in the workplace.

People can experience mental health problems for many reasons and its rarely just one thing and no-one is to blame. However 54% of people reporting mental health conditions said that work played a part in this. We believe that mental health issues can sometimes be avoided if we address issues early -looking after ourselves and taking steps to seek support. If we seek help before stresses and strains become prolonged, before unhelpful thinking and coping patterns become entrenched then we can make adjustments to wellbeing more readily.

Sometimes we do not realise our wellbeing is declining (beyond the natural rises and falls that we all experience).  

As an employee, you may feel that you aren’t clear what your company provides,or you are not sure whether you would benefit from a wellbeing check or what you can do to improve your wellbeing. Perhaps you want to talk through work issues and re-appraise them to release more capacity to do the job. Perhaps you want to invest in your own wellbeing and self fund either therapy or coaching with us.Alternatively, speak to your organisation to see if we can help.

Our employee services

Services can be provided stand alone or in packages.Tailored content can be created in partnership with a client.


Individual assessments help show you your strengths identify any areas of concern, improve self-awareness as well as track progress  of any intervention over time.

The data from your assessment will customise the coaching, therapy or training and development  which you receive. 

Education, Training and Development

A wellbeing programme  helps you understand your own and others wellbeing, why it is important to talk about it at work, and what steps you can take. 

Delivered in person as a half day course, or online  in  a virtual learning forum.

Coaching or therapy offer

We all struggle at times. That does not mean that we are suffering from mental illness. Our qualified staff can work with you on those struggles aware of  the markers when further help is required. They are able to support you in dealing with difficulties at work and home too. We pride ourselves on the flexiblity to meet your  changing needs across your  changing contexts.  

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