As leaders, you are often under significant strain yourselves. Having the tools to prevent and manage your own wellbeing is important for your health and the messages you send to your staff about their role in managing their own wellbeing. Are you the person who sends emails out at midnight? How is that understood by others? How do you juggle business demands when you are under strain? At Atrium , we understand  these dilemmas and our executive coaches can help. 

Only 24% of managers have received some training on wellbeing and mental health at work according to Stevenson and Farmer, and personal development at the top will create positive change throughout the organisation.

As a leader, Atrium will help you to work with your teams to co-create a culture motivating them to get involved, work hard, feel safe and valued at work. If you have concerns about staff members then we can support them too if they agree.

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Services can be provided stand alone or in packages.Tailored content can be created in partnership with a client.

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