As a human resources professional, you may face challenges supporting staff with their emotional wellbeing. You probably have experienced the consequences of wellbeing issues in your staff through sickness absence, presenteeism, resistance to change and conflict. Sometimes offering staff support to address their problems such as work and family worries, mood and bereavement issues can help them give their best to work too.

We have been delivering wellbeing services to organisations and individuals for over 20 years and we can care and support your staff through challenging times. We understand that prevention is better than cure so we also work with you to offer topic-based online  learning sessions. Your staff can learn how to look after themselves better and reduce the chance of more serious problems later.  

We offer free virtual groups to employees to help them cope better and create a plan for further change. 

Sometimes essential change such as remote working, redeployment or redundancy is hard to swallow. We can offer online group and individual support to help your staff through these transitioning difficulties. As clinical and coaching practitioners, we can make the journey easier for those impacted and give them the practical skills to meet the next opportunity.

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Our services

Services can be provided stand alone or in packages.Tailored content can be created in partnership with a client.

HR Support

We can work with you to provide the virtual service offers and actions to your wellbeing policies; the stress management programmes,  the  Menopause Wellbeing MOTs, Wellbeing psycho-education sessions, pre-retirement programmes,  support for carers and ‘Mindful’ sessions. We can support you in the ‘Bad News’ times in redundancy support programmes that include preparing staff for finding work or training too. We can support you to help your managers plan and think through engagement with staff who are impacted by wellbeing issues. Our staff are clinically qualified, experienced in workplace intervention with training skills too.

Therapy or coaching or other interventions

We provide counselling on line to help individuals who are facing difficulties in their personal or family life, bereavement, anxiety and low mood or worries about work uncertainty, issues around performance, relationships and pressures in the workplace. We also provide a Check-in service for remote workers, giving a space to discuss matters of concern.

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