As a human resources professional, you may face challenges with, sickness, absence, staff turnover, recruitment and conflict as a result of wellbeing issues, or you may aspire to provide the best possible culture and environment for employees. Sometimes making small adjustments to how processes are undertaken can change outcomes for your people and your organisation around absence from work with mental health issues.


 We work with you to build a positive culture around wellbeing, work out what is going right as well as where you want to improve and support you in the ways you want to make the changes that you require.

One approach which has been welcomed by organisations is the Atrium ‘Out of synch’ framework  to understand how good intentions can be misinterpreted in key conversations about work potentially escalating distress rather than improving it.



Our services

Services can be provided stand alone or in packages.Tailored content can be created in partnership with a client.

HR Support

We can work with you to provide the offers and actions to your wellbeing policies; the stress management programmes,  the  Menopause Wellbeing MOTs, Wellbeing psycho-education sessions, condition management, support for carers and ‘Mindful’ sessions. We can support you to help your managers plan and think through engagement with staff who are impacted by wellbeing issues. 



Company assessments look at culture, compliance, costs and identify areas of vulnerability  within the business to support wellbeing.

Individual assessments identify issues and create self-awareness ,support  action planning and track progress. We work with you to identify and deliver training, coaching, therapy or other pragmatic solutions.


A Wellbeing programme can raise awareness, change culture and remove stigma. This is a great way to build engagement, and improve knowledge.

Delivered in person as a half day course, or online in interactive sessions. 

Training and development

Tailored to an individual, our courses build personal skills to improve wellbeing. 

Sessions are delivered using innovative digital media, in person or online. 

The staff at Atrium are multi-skilled, Clinicians, HR trained  and often trainers.

Therapy or coaching or other interventions

We provide direct video link, or in person sessions to help individuals who are facing a more acute challenge personally or professionally as a result of their role, a project or current pressures at work. 

We always work to understand your context, Unlike some counselling lines you will be provided a consistent practitioner. 

We have locations in Central London, and Essex

Strategic Consultancy

Every company is different, and some steps may have already been taken in the right direction.

Atrium will work with you to make recommendations on a strategy which will create a positive culture, and drive happy employees and good business outcomes, in a way that is achievable and sustainable for the scale and type of company that you are.

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